Gay Male Massage Escort Services Japan Osaka Policy
Osaka Kids Policy

For the safety and to enjoy your time, do not break the safer sex for each other.
Please follow the policy below.

For the privacy protection, we do not accept asking the boys about the personal information, real name, address, phone number, e-mail ad, and so on・・・
Moreover; please, do not tell your own personal information to the boys.
We prohibit photography and filming.
For the safer sex, please put on a condom.
Sometimes we cannot promise to present comfortable anal play depends on the boys' health condition and the customers' dick size.
Please consent to that case, even if you are the bottom position.
We do not accept meeting the boys privately without an appointment.
Put a ban on drugs.
We refuse the risky behavior to the boys.
We refuse the woman and less than 18 years old customers・・・
We refuse scouting without regard to associate or not by breaking the policy.
If we found out the behavior during the appointment, we would discipline the customer thoroughly.
By the boys' indispensable circumstance and their health condition, we sometimes have to change the schedule and an appointment.
Please be advised that admission.

Enjoy your comfortable time throughout these policies.

If you disregarded the above policies, we would refuse the entry.

Feel free to ask us any questions about our shop.
We are very looking forward to seeing you.